Terry Smith Award

Terry Smith was a physically challenged man, a bit of a recluse, who spent summers at his home on Burt Lake.  He always had a great interest in sailing, and for awhile even sailed a little plastic boat-really a children’s toy boat.

In 1985, when the Burt Lake Yacht Club was reorganized after a 15 year hiatus, Terry raced in every race in his little Mayflower.  He finished in last place each time, but was simply excited to be participating and always completed the race.

In 1986, BLYC members asked Terry to crew on the Committee Boat. He served there until his death 14 seasons later, again never missing a race or a post party. During those years, Terry was the BLYC photographer and newspaper journalist. Although Terry did not drive, he arranged to deliver photos and wonderful articles to the local newspaper following each race.  His photos of every race from 1986 through 1999 have been distributed to skippers and are archived in the BLYC scrapbook.

The Burt Lake Yacht Club surely enriched Terry’s lfe; and Terry repaid that favor many times over.  The Terry Smith Award was therefore conceived in honor of Terry’s dedication to the sport of sailing and to the activities of the BLYC. Designed by Merilyn Bryan and Clark Swayze and constructed by Swayze, the award is presented to current club members who have made significant contributions to the club.

In 2009, the award was presented to Stu Cheney.  Stu is a long time member who has actively participated in racing, hosting after race parties, and has been chairmen of the Buoy Setting committee for many years.  BLYC is proud to present Stu with the Terry Smith award for his dedication and service. Congratulations Stu!

Previous Winners:

2010 – Not Awarded

2009 – Stu Cheney

2008 – Not Awarded

2007 – Ted Smith

2006 – John Cook

2005 – Al Sickinger

2004 – Lois Darst

2003 – Gary Street

2002 – Bill and Merilyn Bryan

2001 – Clark Swayze

2000 – Ann Swayze